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Portage Lake - Maine

History of our Cabins...

One of the first known owners of this property was Capt. Iverson. History says that the first saw mill in Portage was built by Capt. Iverson in the early 1900s. Capt. Iverson had a colorful background as onetime captain of the sailing ship "Moss" from Norway, which he landed in New York. After he sold the ship, he moved to Caribou where he built a mill to make ties for the railroad. His endeavors obviously enhanced the economy of all of Aroostook County. He ran the mill in Portage for many years after which the operation was turned over to a Mr. Robinson and later to a Mr. Lenfest. Capt. Iverson, however, continued to be connected with Portage for some time. He became the owner and operator of the steamboats "Portage" and "Juanita" which were used to transport people around the lake. After many years of this activity, he went blind. The "Portage" steamboat was beached on a Portage lakeshore after the boiler was sold to the Northeastland Hotel in Presque Isle for its boiler room and the steam engine went to Cormier's Mill to run a dynamo. It is said that Cap. Iverson used to go sit in the beached shell of the "Portage" until the town started taxing him for it. Insulted, he poured oil on the shell and sent the fool thing up in flames. Apparently he remained a colorful character even after he lost his eyesight. No one seems to know what happened to the "Juanita".

This sporting camp was originally called Iverson Camps and later know as The Holmes Cabins, and presently is called Portage Lakeside Cabins.

The previous owners purchased the property in October 1997, with a plan to restore and update the rustic cabins. A five-year plan to resurrect the Sporting Camp business was introduced. It started with the building of a new modern bathhouse and renovations started on the cabins. The rustic cabins have been improved with new windows and doors, heating systems, lofts, and many other cozy improvements to add to a relaxing vacation, hunt or family reunion. The inside walls are covered with names and dates of previous visitors and some wonderful inscriptions can be found on every wall! Portage Lakeside Cabins opened for business August 1, 1998.

In September 2016 The Camp and cabins were purchased by Shannon Currier whose goal is to offer enhanced and improved guest services and satisfaction.

There's something here for everyone and every season.

For more information or to reserve, please contact;
Shannon Currier
P.O. Box 87
4 Almond Drive
Portage Lake, ME 04768
Telephone: (207)-435-9049, Cell (207)-227-2454

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