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Portage Lake - Maine

Guest Comments...

(actual excerpts from our "guestbook")

May - Janice (Unity): I will never forget all the peace and quiet. I recalled memories of my childhood years spent here in the 50's & 60's. I found my name in the two big cabins. Have fond memories of the former owners, Hazel & Almon Holmes, spending weekend's here 37 years ago with my husband. I would like to forget starting a fire in the stove and it wouldn't go up the chimney. The cabin had just been newly renovated and was so beautiful and fresh smelling. It soon was a "seasoned" camp. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job of restoring these cabins. God Bless and Good Luck!!

July - from Janice, George & family: I will never forget the sound of children playing, rain on the roof, kayaking, watching the grandchildren learn to kayak. I especially admire the love and kindness Laura & Al give to all their guests. Another generation of names added to the memory walls! Thank you.

August - from Sandra, Steve & family: I will never forget the sound of the train and the waves beating on the shore and the loons. We planned this weekend to share with our daughters and now our grandchildren. My family used to come here when we were quite young - so many wonderful memories. And now thanks to our hosts we can now continue more memories with our grandchildren. We spent our honeymoon in this cabin 36 years ago.

August - Don & Marilyn: Thank you for a wonderful time. We will be back.

February - Don with family & friends: I will never forget the great snowmobile trails. We covered almost 1500 miles this week!

May - Charlie & Frank (honeymoon): I will never forget the privacy! The canoes were fun as well. Laura and Alcide were extremely hospitable during our stay! Thank you for this wonderful wedding gift! I would like to forget hitting my cheek on the screen door! (Frank wrote the following.) I will never forget the little gray kittens on our first day. They brought laughter to me and my wife. As well as our host for making us comfortable and relaxed. Toasted marshmallows on the wood stove. I would like to forget nothing. I want to remember everything.

May - Tracy and Steve: I will never forget beauty and peacefulness. We enjoyed being able to sit back and relax and enjoy a weekend without dealing with the every day hassles of life. The hot tub was great!!! HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!

July - Harold: I will never forget the week we spend here in the fall of '99 moose hunting. This cabin was ideal for our style of coming and going, late eating, etc. It is even better now. The renovations are really nice. We will consider coming back to snowmobile. I would like to forget nothing really, but a private bathroom would be nice.

July - Lexie, Brie, Judy, Bill and Christy the dog: I will never forget the kayaks that we took out on the lake. It was my first time and I had a blast. Also, the many times we played dominoes.

August - Cilly, Clint and Destiny the dog: I will never forget my lucky birthday. I turned 27 on august 27th. We decided to come "home" to Portage to celebrate. We enjoyed the quaint cabin, the peaceful lake, and the beautiful sunsets. The hot tub was great too! We had a wonderful time, and I hope to be here again when I celebrate my 72nd birthday! I would like to forget the train bell ding-ding-dinging in the wee hours of the morning!! I would also like to forget I have to go back home tomorrow, back to reality.

September - Paul and Trevor (from Arizona): I will never forget the cool breeze! My son Trevor had fun starting fires in the stove and fire pit, and beer tastes better up here. Seeing my Uncle Coon's cabins for the first time. I would like to forget nothing. Had a great time.

September - Melody: I will never forget a single minute of our stolen night. It was a night to remember and one we will try to repeat sooner. It has been 5 years since my husband and I have spent a night away from our 3 kids. We would like to thank Laura & Coon for everything. Laura suggested idea and I will forever thank her for helping me grant this 40th birthday wish for my husband!!! He said we would come back on my 40th birthday too, but I think I can talk him into coming on a regular basis.

October - Enid & Grover (39th wedding anniversary): I will never forget the peace & quiet, the beauty of the lake with the Canadian geese, and the train in the middle of the night. The cabin was nice and cozy! Grover wrote: I would like to forget the wood heat on Friday night (which was Enid's fault because she said she like the heat).

August - from Anne & Jack: I will never forget the way Laura and Al outdid yourself with your entertaining, kindness, and other pleasantries (including making sure we were warm) although you were up to your ears preparing for Christy's wedding. We loved your cottages and the beautiful lake - a million-dollar view! The hot tub, bathhouse and showers were much appreciated! I would like to forget the cool weather!

August - from Nola & family: I will never forget my times here at Portage Lakeside Cabins. This is our second weekend since Coon & Laura have purchased PLC and opened up. When we stay here I always feel renewed. The lake, the fresh air and the friendliness of the owners are so refreshing. It was so relaxing that I slept in every morning - something I rarely ever do! I also enjoyed the kayaks and the canoe immensely! My youngest son and I went all around the lake. We had a great time!

August - Amanda: I will never forget roasting the marshmallows over the campfire. Playing in water and learning how to kayak and to balance. Over all the hot tub was a highlight of the trip.

August - Melody & family: I will never forget the joy in the kid's faces playing the entire day in the water. They took to the kayaks like pros. We have never been able to share my husband's family tradition with them before here at the lake. He and his family's have been spending time here since he was our kids ages now. Our weekend feel just two days before school resumes, what a wonderful way to end the summer vacation. The hot tub was a wonderful addition. Thank you so much!

August - Louis (bear hunter from Florida): It's like heaven on earth! God bless, and good luck on the renovations.

September - Linda and Steve (bear & moose hunters from ME): I will never forget the lakeside atmosphere - how peaceful! Seeing black bear less than 20 yards away - hospitality!!!

October - Cindy & Mike (15 moose hunters from ME with 4 permits): I will never forget the bull with a spread of 60 and the 745 lb cow. I would like to forget that it snowed on Tuesday!

October - Darcy & Kerry: I will never forget the stars, the peacefulness, quiet of the lake, how hot that little stove can make this cabin after the smoke settles. I would like to forget the fact that we have to leave here and return to the every day real world (A little slice of heaven is here).

October - Blaine (moose hunters): I will never forget the owners are very nice! They went out of their way to make our stay as pleasant as possible. Great set up.

November - from Charlie (and the dear hunters from PA): I will never forget finding moose sheds in the big woods!

December - Debbie & Bob: I will never forget how beautiful the night was with a clean December sky, full moon and frozen lake., the heat and smell of the wood fire burning. I would like to forget how cold it was outside.

December - Betsy & Phil: I will never forget relaxing, nice to be away from dorms!

February - Patty & Jo: I will never forget the full moon, great trails, 16 inch snowstorm or seeing an owl in flight with his lunch. I would like to forget getting the cabin warm enough to melt chocolate candy bars!

May - Kerry & family: I will never forget the cookouts and the BUGS, the parades in Ashland, Portage and Fort Kent. Rain held off until we got ready to go. Thanks again!!!

May - Don & Tara: I will never forget tenderizing my steak with a steel billy club, the old guys boozing it up at Dean's, a canoe ride w/our black fly buddies, the beautiful pizzas from Coffins General Store, hanging out with my girl, and the great hospitality. I would like to forget not having a fly rod, and not knowing about this place sooner. Thank you. (Tara wrote) I will never forget the mirror look on the lake at 5 am while running to the bathhouse, the old men from Dean's, relaxing with my man, the UFO and the greatest shooting star next to us. I would like to forget the little flies, huge homefries and all the butter on my bagel, and having to leave. Thank you for your generosity!

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Telephone: (207)-227-0021

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